Youth Christian Formation

Youth Christian Formation

Holy Trinity’s Youth Christian Formation Groups meet during the 10:30am worship service and are available for newborns through 6th grade.

Nursery: Debbie Vogt is available in the nursery to care for babies and toddlers 0 to 4 years old. There is no curriculum here – just lots o6f fun and play. The nursery is located just inside the Walnut Street entrance (between the library and the undercroft).

All Things New: Jonathan Graham and Mary Poppendeck will lead the church school for elementary-school-age participants. The curriculum is new, authored by The Rev. Canon Joanna Leiserson of the Cathedral in Cincinnati, and geared for 3- to 11-year-olds.  Each Sunday’s class will be independent of others, so children may fully participate without missing a beat even if they could not attend the previous Sunday.  Children will be in the class from 10:30 until the Peace when they will join the congregation for Holy Communion.

For children above 6th Grade who want an option to church, consider having them volunteer to assist in the nursery or with the elementary age class.

Click here for information about Holy Trinity’s Youth Christian Formation Leaders

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