Building Prayer

Building Prayer

Gracious God, we give thanks for all your people whose generous gifts of time, talent, and treasure make our building expansion possible. We thank you for the foundation of faith and love we share as a community. Help us maintain that foundation to support our new construction. As we expand our building, we pray that you will expand our hearts with your love and our lives to your service, that we may be active witnesses to your way, your truth, and your life at Holy Trinity, in Oxford, and beyond. Bless us at Holy Trinity and bless all who offer their knowledge, skill, and service to this building project as we work with one another in harmony and respect. May this expansion be a beacon to the community and an inspirational resource for the people we are called to serve and the work we are called to do. Ever guide us in our response to community needs as we continually discern your will for this new space and for all the property entrusted to our care. All this we pray, in Jesus’ name. Amen.

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