Construction Courier

Construction Courier 10/21/14

As of this writing, about a week before the third project meeting of October, things are moving so fast that they are hard to summarize. We’ve lost another week or so to rain. Work continued inside where it could, but even underroof and with most of the glass in, dry-walling and painting were slowed down by the weather. Underlayment and the tile flooring should be finished by the time you read this. Cabinets and other woodwork will quickly follow. However, a break in the weather and advice from the geotech consultants allowed the patio to be poured, so that more progress on the courtyard, walks, and parking can begin. Most of the leaking from the bell tower has been stopped, and the sources of part of the remaining problem have been identified. We hope that these will be corrected relatively soon. Yet another stage of making the bell tower more accessible and more permanently repaired is on hold for the future.
The recent rains and the indefinite time for securing occupancy permits after construction is completed are pushing the “ready to go” date out somewhat. Most recent estimate is early December. Remember: if you are taking pictures, please share them with all of us. You can send them electronically to Gayle. She is saving all of them in a computer file so that we can later put the “story” together: Susan and Mel, co-chairs

Despite all the rain, we are probably only a week behind schedule (as of the last report earlier in June). Still anticipating a fall completion date.

Mel Shidler and Susan Kay, co-chairs.

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