Sunday of the Passion: Palm Sunday

MARCH 28, 2010
Eucharist Rite I, 8am, Chapel of St. Bede
Eucharist Rite II with music, 10:30 am, Nave
Catechesis of the Good Shepherd, 3-6 year-olds, Atrium
Sunday School, 6-12 year-olds, Old Rectory classroom
Refreshments after the 10:30 service, Lower Level (Please join us!)
AA, 7:30 pm, Old Rectory

Schedule of Events, March 29 – April 3

TUESDAY, March 30
Prayer Group, 11 am, Old Rectory
No Bible Group
AA, 7:30 pm, Undercroft

Maundy Thursday Worship, 7:30 pm
Choir rehearsal, following worship

FRIDAY, April 2 (Office Closed)
Good Friday Worship, 12:10 pm & 7:30 pm

Easter Vigil Worship, 8:30 pm

PRAYER CIRCLE this week: Stan & Kitty Unger; Eleanore Vail; Peter & Ruth Ann Williams; Jim & Carolyn Wilson; Chris Witt; Joel & Mandy Zylstra; Anita Atkinson & Luis Bautista, Alexander; Bill & Carol Baker

THE EASTER OFFERING: This year the first $2000 of the Easter offering will go to Orphans International Worldwide, to aid specifically their work in Haiti. As you know, this parish has supported the work of this agency over the past several years. Our own Jim Luce, raised in this parish (ask Barbara McKinstry for stories of Jim’s Sunday School career!), is the head and founder of this now-international aide agency. Once we have reached the $2000 level, any amount over that will be divided equally between the Family Resource Center as part of our on-going support of that local agency, and Orphans International Worldwide. So, for example, if the total Easter offering were to reach $4000 (as the Christmas offering actually did!), Orphans would receive $3000 and the FRC would receive $1000.

We know this is not any easy time for many of us, but let’s remember those who have so much less than we do, and reach out to them at this time of awakening.

A service in thanksgiving and celebration for the life of Jeanne Bassett will be held after the Palm Sunday Service at 2 o’clock.

ADULT FORUM: Adult Forum will not meet on Palm Sunday, March 28, and on Easter Sunday, April 4. We will resume on April 11 with a series on Living with Money.

EASTER LILY: If you would like to contribute toward an Easter Lily, please write a check to Holy Trinity for $10. Put “Easter Lily” on the memo line. Thanks!

CHOCOLATE FEST: Love Your Neighbor: Bake Chocolate! ECSF’s beloved Chocolate Fest is set April 17 at St. Thomas, Terrace Park. This is an Eastertide fundraiser with all proceeds going into grants to churches aiding people in need throughout the Diocese. You can easily enter, contribute to or visit the auction, or order tickets through ECSF’s Just click on the banner with the gorgeous cake. Or call ECSF’s Ariel Miller at 513-221-0547.

TAX ASSISTANCE VOLUNTEERS NEEDED: The Family Resource Center is an Ohio Benefit Bank tax assistance site, offering free income tax preparation for low and moderate-income individuals and families. We are trying to expand our outreach so that more of our neighbors can take advantage of this service, and to do so we need your help. Can you volunteer some time? Previous experience in tax preparation is not required; training in using the OBB tax program will be provided. If you shop online, you have the necessary computer skills! For more information about volunteering, please call Debbie Wright at the Family Resource Center, 523-5859.

YOUTH LIBRARY: Many of our youth have recommended books to be included in the Holy Trinity Youth Library which is located on a rolling cart in the Undercroft.  Book plates naming the person who recommended the book have been inserted in these books.  Many thanks to Glenn Julian who designed the book plate and then copied it to be neatly printed on labels.  Thanks also to Yero Peterson who carefully lettered the names on the book plates.

All youth are encouraged to recommend books to be added to this library.  Donations are also welcome.  Youth might wish to donate a book as part of a birthday celebration.  For more information contact Mary Melvin or Karen Burnard.

ORPHANS INTERNATIONAL WORLDWIDE: Clarification about Orphans International:  Orphans International Worldwide (OIWW) is the organization founded by Jim Luce, a former member of this parish.  Project nations have included Orphans International (OI) Haiti, OI Indonesia, and OI Sri Lanka as well as a US-based program, OI America.

Last November, Jim turned the management of the US based program over to a new Board. Unfortunately, these new leaders refused to continue under the direction and guidance of OI Worldwide. Thus, they have been decertified and are not permitted to continue to use the name associated with the original Orphans International Worldwide. They have chosen the new name, Better Future International (BFI) and, illegally, continue to use Orphans International in their publicity.  At some point, they were able to acquire the OIWW list serve. Using this, they are sending newsletters and requests for funds to many of Jim Luce’s supporters. If you wish to continue to support Jim’s work with OIWW, do not send your contribution to Better Future.  For more details about this situation, please contact Mary Melvin or any member of the Outreach Commission.

HELP HOLY T BE GREEN & OXFORD KIDS BE CREATIVE: The biggest recycling box in the Bishop’s Foyer always seems to be full of odd bits for the children at Headstart and Oxford Early Childhood to invent things out of, and the folks who run both programs are very happy to get a “haul” every now and then, and they share with other programs, too. Nowadays I am so rarely at the church and then am usually on foot, so I am hoping someone else in the congregation–perhaps someone who is regularly there with a car and perhaps even has a child or children at Kramer or Oxford Early Childhood–can take over transporting the goods. It’s not a big job, just very inconvenient for me, and the recipients really are very grateful. If you are interested, please call me at 523-6235 and we’ll figure it out. Thanks ~ Mary

HOLY TRINITY PANTRY: Holy Trinity maintains a non-food pantry for our guests at the monthly community dinner.  As always we rely on your generosity to help stock the pantry each month. We always need toilet paper, paper towels, laundry soap, baby wipes, baby shampoo or wash, trash bags and shampoo. No time to shop? Give us some money and we’ll do the shopping for you.  Thank you so much. Geoff, Judith, Stephanie

ALTAR FLOWERS ANYONE? If you are giving flowers for Sunday worship they are $25 per vase, beginning April 4. Two Little Buds is providing them weekly except during Lent. If you want a particular flower or color, call Mindy Francis at Two Little Buds Wednesday before the Sunday for which the flowers are given.

Your check for $50 should be made out to Holy Trinity with “Sunday Flowers” on the memo line. Thank you for making our worship lovely!

BULLETIN ANNOUNCEMENTS and TRIAD SUBMISSIONS: If you would like to include an announcement in the bulletin please have it in the office by Tuesday morning for the following Sunday. Submissions for the Triad are due by the 20th of the month for the next month’s Triad ~ Thank you!

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